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Solved How to Fix Windows detected a hard disk problem”

Restart can solve most of computer problems, thus it’s worth to have a try. Restart your computer right now and check if the “Restart to repair drive errors” occurs click here. Once the repair process is complete, restart Windows 11 and check if disk errors have been resolved or not. We have mentioned 7 ways to repair disk errors on Windows 11 in this guide.

  • To access this option, follow the steps below.
  • Insert the installation disc and restart your computer.
  • If you’ve restarted but still can’t run CHKDSK, go to Advanced Options in Safe Mode.
  • Hold the F8 key during boot process prior the Windows 8 logo is displayed.

Outlook becoming unresponsive when presented with a complicated table is only the latest example of issues in the email client. In July, Microsoft blamed Windows Indexing for broken Outlook Search results and the software regularly crops up when considering vulnerabilities. Some Linux distributions are providing a package of Docker Engine through their package repositories. These packages are built and maintained by the Linux distribution’s package maintainers and may have differences in configuration or built from modified source code. Docker is not involved in releasing these packages and bugs or issues involving these packages should be reported in your Linux distribution’s issue tracker. Docker Engine is available on a variety of Linux platforms,macOS and Windows 10through Docker Desktop, and as a static binary installation.

Error 0xc000021a Windows 10: Probable Reasons

Click Start Scan to find Windows issues that could be causing PC problems. The best way to deal with this problem is to use specialized software for BSoD repair. First, ensure you have administrative rights to make changes or uninstall any application.

In the beginning, you have to hold down the Windows button and press the I key to open the Settings application. Alternatively, you can get the Settings application from the Windows Menu list by right-clicking on the Windows button. Select the application which seems to be causing the error on your system, click on it, and select Uninstall. Click ‘Yes’ if the process asks for permission. Expand the device category and right-click on the driver. There, click ‘Advanced options’, leading you to the ‘Choose an option’ screen.

Manually remove ThinkPoint / Fake MSE from your PC

The computer hard drive stores almost all the important data of your device. The soul of the PC, the hard drive does not get errors very often, but sometimes the error certainly occurs due to some improper functioning and startup issues in your device. Note that CHKDSK needs to be able to lock the drive, meaning that it cannot be used to examine the system’s boot drive if the computer is in use.

If your hard drive has problems, you will be asked to run a Chkdsk scan by Windows 10. To do this, open File Explorer and right-click on the HDD/SSD you want to scan. The next screen will ask you to run a Chkdsk scan or repair the drive.

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